Golf Dad’s have been hitting the links with their children since the mid 1800’s when “Old” Tom Morris and his son, “Young” Tom Morris walked and played on what would become known as the home of golf, St. Andrews.  And they just happened to win a slew of Open’s along the way.

Golf is a game that can be played at any age.  It’s a game for life! It is a walk to be enjoyed by fathers and daughters/sons.  Each learns from the other as they drink deep from the well of uninterrupted time together.   Where else can you spend four hours with your child/parent alone? And what kid can’t wait to drive a golf cart!

Every Dad has some kind of ritual at the course with the kids.  Whether it’s hotdogs at the turn, skipping stones over a pond, mulligans when no one hits the green on a challenging par 3, or playing a game of H-O-R-S-E on the putting green it doesn’t matter as long as the time is together.  

As time goes by the character, depth, rules and etiquette of the game is appreciated, learned, and adopted.  So one day that son/daughter can pass it along to their child. Golf is where memories are made, laughter abounds, and the bonds of family are galvanized through ups, downs, bogeys and birdies—highs and lows just like life.  Its intrinsic value can only be measured when leaving the course until the next round is played together. Perhaps it is life between rounds where golf makes its greatest contribution to family and character.

Take some time this Father’s Day (6/16) week to play with your Papa, Dad, Father, Pop, Grandpa, or your children.  Go ahead make a tee time. Heck, just go play 9, or chip and putt if you can’t get free for a full round. And please take a picture while you are together and tag it on Instagram @CherokeeValleyClub   or @CherokeeValleySC  on Facebook.  Whether it’s lessons, scheduling a tee time, or finding the perfect gift in the Pro Shop contact us at 864.895.6758 or email Trey:

Cherokee Valley Golf Club/ 450 Cherokee Valley Way/ Travelers Rest, SC

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