The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes In Greek mythology the Phoenix is a long-living bird that eventually disintegrates into flames before a new bird emerges from the ashes. Sometimes it’s hard to watch the old die out. A favorite building, musician, flower, sports team, and more can slowly die out, but in time give birth to something new and better. Think of the Chicago Cubs nicknamed the “Loveable Losers,” who went 108 years between World Series titles before breaking the famed, “curse,” and being crowned WSC’s in 2016. 

Cherokee Valley Golf Course and Club owner, Matt Jennings dreamed of Core 450 before he and his uncle bought the course. Matt, a seasoned entrepreneur, and golf course management professional, had seen the value a premier dining venue added to the family club experience from his days in Ohio. He knew it would work because he oversaw a similar development. Matt had a passion for a place where families, couples, individuals, business people, and golfers could converge and experience a real sense of community in a casual, family friendly dining venue. Not long after purchasing Cherokee Valley Course and Club, Matt brought Executive Chef, Todd Warden on board to develop an innovative, full-service gathering place like no other in the Upstate. 

The old, dilapidated Cherokee Valley Clubhouse would give birth to Matt and Chef Todd’s dream of a gathering place like no other in the Upstate serving great food and drinks in an open-kitchen setting, “bringing the kitchen to the people,” as Todd says. 

Core 450 will not only be a casual, relaxed showcase, but it’s ambiance, activity, decor, menu and service will make the old facility proud to have passed the torch. As cities, buildings, institutions, and teams pass through time we see and experience the ebb and flow of growth and the vision of emerging generations. Core 450 will be that kind of place—one that points to the future with class, but understands and honors its roots and foundation paved by the previous generation. 

Check out the new Core 450 website and keep up with the progress of this spectacular new gathering place becoming a reality in 2020. Thanks to those who have shared some incredible stories about the old facility. We’ve tried to honor them with an eye on the future. 

Matt Jennings, Owner & Director of Operations
Chef Todd Ward, Executive Chef
Core 450 Cherokee Valley Golf Course and Club

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