One of the best things about playing a course right in the heart of the Foothills of the Upstate and Western Carolina is the incredible changes the shifts in temperatures and weather can make on your approach and play.

On a recent Friday in early May, it was warm and humid. Most of the greens were baking in sunshine by our afternoon tee time, but a few were wet from sprinklers and played a little slower. There was a consistent breeze, but it did not adversely affect most shots. Even then, some holes were blowing on the tee box, but the flag pin was drooping in dead silence. Other holes the flag was at attention. Some of the greens were faster than others, but all were in great shape. Breaks on putts were fairly easy to read and putts were falling for my game. The entire set of clubs was needed for various shots along the course.

On the following Tuesday the pin placements were totally different and the greens were more challenging to read. The weather was cooler and overcast for much of the round. There was less wind. The greens were still fast, but not as fast as the previous outing. Still, there were problems with last minute breaks before the hole. Every club was used but two.

The Bermuda was even greener and getting thicker in between rounds. Two friends from out of state and better players were thrilled with the course and noted its challenges, but also the rewards. Time was spent taking pictures on the signature hole overlooking the mountains. “Breathtaking,” said one of them, and the other said, “I hope these members appreciate what they’ve got.” Both play about 50-75 rounds together between April-October and they play a lot of different courses from links, to hilly, to flatlands courses. This was their annual mountain golf trip to the Carolina’s. They frequently commented on the flowers decorating nearly each hole, and especially the pink golf bag at one tee box loaded with blooming flowers.

As I thought about my own fledgling, infrequent play and the experience of 2 rounds within 3 days of each other, I had to admit my friend was dead on. It kept coming back to me….”I hope these members appreciate what they’ve got.” Cherokee Valley is a hidden jewel that offers different challenges and opportunities with every round! I’m a hacker, but I love to play and Cherokee Valley offers something for every level of golfer, but it’s more than that, the staff is professional, courteous and always helpful. It’s exciting. Tell your friends, co-workers and family about the course and club.

My friends can’t wait to come back next year and dine in the new restaurant!

Monty Carter WebSpeak Media Greer, SC

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